Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A second chance??

Can I get a second chance?
to watch your happy dance
to watch your eyes light up like  million stars
to hug and to cuddle
to play with you in the puddle
to listen about your day at school
to hear about stuff un cool and oh ! so cool !

Can I get a second chance?

to say sorry for all the screams
for neglecting your stories, your dreams
for unlocking your fingers from my saree seams
for not looking back at your face streaming tears
for not being at your side, calming your fears

Can I get a second chance?


  1. read this poem just now and I have tears streaming down my cheeks.

    I am sure you know why.

    Can i also get a second chance?

    1. This feeling, I don't know if I ever will get rid of it.. I don't think so and we mothers, we all travel in the same boat isn't it ?? Hugss.... you are a super woman and a terrific mother Vincy...
      lots of love
      take care